Wall Street Transcript: Money Manager Interview
January 2016

  • Mike Beall and George Smith, Davenport Asset Management, discuss growing capital over time with less risk than the overall market

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Looming Fed Discussion on Interest Rates
September 2015

  • George Smith, Asset Management, discusses looming fed interest rate decision

Portfolio Perspective: From George Smith
August 2015

  • Davenport Investment Policy Committee member and co-manager of Davenport Equity Opportuties (DEOPX) discusses recent market volatility and its impact on portfolios

Kiplinger's: Active Funds that Work
May 2015

  • Personal finance journal Kiplinger's recognizes Davenport Equity Opportuties (DEOPX) as one of a select few managers that outperformed in 2014.

Ticker: Davenport Equity Opportunities Team Highlighted
May 2015

Kiplinger's: Investing Like Owners
April 2014

  • Personal finance journal Kiplinger's includes Davenport Equity Opportunities (DEOPX) on it's equity recommended list
  • Davenport's Core Portfolio (DAVPX) recogized as a selected S&P Capital IQ large-cap core manager